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Wraps & Ruanas

Welcome to Novica's Wraps & Ruanas Collection! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique collection of ruanas and wraps below:

Popular Wraps & Ruanas

Wraps & Ruanas

Larger than shawls, wraps and ruanas are perfect to keep you warm all winter long. A ruana wrap is designed like a long rectangle with a slit in the middle of the first half, creating a neckline. Worn over the shoulders, the front parts can hang loose or be wrapped over the shoulders. Novica’s wrap and ruana collection includes reversible designs, resulting in a versatile 2-in-1 ruana!

Ruanas are believed to have originated in Colombia, when a friendly deity taught the Chibcha people of Colombia how to make clothes. According to legend, the Chibcha wore no clothes until Bochica appeared and taught them how to make threads from plants, and the first thing they made was a ruana wrap. Nowadays, wraps and ruanas are woven of wool and silk, as well as with alpaca wool. From the days of the Inca Empire, alpaca wool has been prized for its amazing warmth and light weight. Once reserved for the aristocracy, alpaca wool clothes are still worn today by the people of the Andes for special occasions.