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Women's Pashmina Shawls

Welcome to Novica's collection of luxurious pashmina shawls! We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of pashmina shawls below:


Women's Pashmina Shawls

The art of pashmina weaving is believed to date back as far as 3000 B.C. It adorned the court of Caesar, Marie Antoinette loved it and Napoleon was so impressed with pashmina wool he presented it to Josephine. Kashmir’s kings had the sole right to purchase all of the pashmina wool from Nepal up to the mid-twentieth century. Now you can own and treasure your own pashmina wool shawl too through Novica’s unique collection. Most of the world’s pashmina wool shawls for women are woven on traditional looms with a warp of spun silk to make it more supple and strong. Women prefer a pashmina wool shawl because it is extraordinarily soft and light, as well as exceptionally warm, just like the legendary alpaca wool shawls from Peru.