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Women's Alpaca Wool Shawls

Welcome to Novica's collection of women's alpaca wool shawls. This collection features patterned, solid, floral and crocheted alpaca shawls from Peru:

Popular Women's Alpaca Wool Shawls

Women's Alpaca Wool Shawls

One of the most graceful of wraps, the shawl seems to have been brought to South America from Mexico no earlier than the 17th century. The fibers, however, date to pre-Hispanic time. Alpaca wool was prized by the ancient Inca and its use was reserved for kings and noblemen. Domesticated for 5,000 years, alpacas are lovingly cared for in the Andes. Today, the entire world appreciates the beauty and lightweight warmth of alpaca wool. Novica artisans create alpaca shawls in stripes, plaids and solid colors. Knitted, crocheted or woven by hand, an alpaca shawl is a versatile addition to winter clothing. Browse through Novica's Alpaca Shawl Gallery and choose your favorites.