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Women's Scarves from Thailand

Make your modern style stand out with luxurious Thai scarves, enhanced by batik, silk, and other signature marks of Thailand.

Popular Women's Scarves from Thailand

Women's Scarves from Thailand

Thailand’s liberal culture has made its contemporary art some of the most versatile in Southeast Asia. These Thai scarves are no exception. The artisans who design and make these scarves welcome influences from all over the globe, fusing modern and traditional Thai elements. Though incorporating the world around her, Vinita never loses herself to it. A perfectionist, she keeps a close eye on her works, making sure that all of her Thai scarves are just the right colors and that every piece of cloth is in flawless condition. Banlue Luereuang studied chemistry before delving into handicrafts. He describes his garments as “adapted from the ancient style to be modern.” Taking influences from the past and our shared world, these artisans present only the finest selection of Thai scarves.