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Women's Belts from Brazil

Welcome to Novica's collection of women's belts from Brazil. We hope you enjoy exploring our gallery below:


Popular Women's Belts from Brazil

Women's Belts from Brazil

Women's belts began developing as popular fashion accessory around the 1900s. The most common material used to make a belt was the leather because of its durability and strength. Today many talented artisans from Brazil use unique material such as soda-pop tabs, copper wire, and even newspaper. At Novica, we have put together a unique collection of women's belts from Brazil featuring eco-friendly and unique beaded copper belts. Our award-winning Brazilian artisans achieve flexibility and make every Brazilian belt easily adjustable using the skillful technique of crocheting by hand. Make a fashion statement with a charming belt that does double duty as a necklace or be eco-friendly with a belt designed with cylinders of recycled newspaper. Love these Brazilian belts for women? Then you’ll enjoy searching through more of our Brazilian accessories!