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Recycled Soda Pop-Tab Belts from Brazil

Novica's collection of soda pop-tab belts from brazil features eco-friendly belts handcrafted of recycled soda pop-tabs by talented Brazilian artisans. Discover unique and eco-friendly belts from Brazil as you explore our collection below:


Recycled Soda Pop-Tab Belts from Brazil

Everyday Novica artisans are fulfilling the mission to raise awareness of the importance of recycling. Our award-winning Brazilian artisans are contributing to the environment by using recycled material like soda pop-tabs to create fashionable accessories. Novica has gathered a unique collection of eco-friendly Brazilian soda-pop tab belts. Using the skillful technique of crocheting by hand, artists are able to achieve the flexibility of a soda-pop tab belt and make it easily adjustable. Our gallery of soda-pop tab belts from Brazil features a variety of designs and combinations, from colorful glitter aluminum to shimmering golden tones linked in silken threads. Enjoy more of the Brazilian culture and find a vibrant painted silk scarf from Brazil to match your new belt!